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Fire Proximity Suit,Hand Gloves,Aluminized Gloves,Safety Equipments,Water Gel Blanket

  Fire Suits & Blanket


Fire Proximity Suit               

Fire Proximity Suit is made out of 16 oz imported aluminized glass fibre fabric with dual mirror having 90% reflection of heat as a outer layer and with woollen fabric lining. Additional layer (Vapour Barrier) is also used for higher temperature. Outer fabrics tested and approved by Defence Institute for Fire Research New Delhi & field tests performed by Defence-Indian Navy NBCD School, INS Shivaji. Lonavala Maharashtra.


These Suits are used for rescue operations in an area of intense heat, fire, steam, hot liquid by fire fighters in industries like Petrochemical plants. Foundries, plant, steel, glass, ceramics & Defence.

Complete suit consists of the following

An overall is one piece suit or 2 pc. Jacket & trouser having Zipper & stud fastener with or without pouch on back to accomodate breathing apparatus. Stitching is done by 'KEVLAR' Threads.


It is made out of 16 oz imported aluminized glass fibre fabric. It houses a fibre glass helmet for fireman as per IS-2745. Two elasticized straps to cover well below the shoulders. Hood has the visor consisting of curved plain and tinted poly carbonate & outer layer of thin Transparent mica.


It is made out of 16 oz imported aluminized glass fibre fabric .14" long five fingered type Gloves having stud fastner for better securing at wrist.

Boots are made, of upper layer of aluminized glass fibre fabric & inner lining of good quality leather, with heavy duty zipper coveredwith aluminized fabric flap with extra stud for double protection. Special Neoprene Rubber sole in non skid pattern for use in oil / chemical / grease area. Metal toe for extra air-room & protection.


1. Nomex Fireman Suit EN 469 Approved- MATERIALS : Nomex outshell 200 gsm Nomex fabric , waterproof layer(kevlar coated ptfe), heat insulation layer(kevlar felt), and comfortable layer, reflective tape is IIIM CHARACTERISTICS-Fire resistant, heat insulation, waterproof and comfort.

Certification EN 469 & EN 340

2. PAB Compacta Fire man helmet conforms to EN 443

3. Nomex Hood conforms to EN 13911

4. Fire man gloves made from nomex fabric inner layer flame retardant with wollen lining

5. Harvik shoes conforms to EN 345


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Fire Proximity Suit,Hand Gloves,Hose Coupling,Aluminized Gloves,Water Gel Blanket

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