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Body Protection Suit,Safety Masks,Hand Gloves,Safety Belt,Shower

  Body Protection

PVC SUIT : Made out of leak proof, 0.2mm thick, heavy duty laminated bright yellow colour PVC material, Acid/Alkali proof. Ideal against chemical splashes.
Suit consists of Hood with replacable visor, free size pant and coat duly ventilated, available with zip or buttons.

ASBESTOS SUIT : Made from Regular (S 20) or AMC-41/45 Asbestos Fabric with heavy duty flannel pasted with synthetic solution. It consists of one piece overall, hood with replacable visor, pair of Hand Gloves and Boots.
Ideal for protection against heat.

ALUMINISED GLASS FIBRE SUITS :- Fire approach Suit consisting of Hood, One piece Overall, gloves and Boots. These suits can be provided with/without Pouch to accommodate B.A. Set.

We also offer NUCLEAR BIOLOGICAL CHEMICAL PROOF SUITS (NBC SUITS) like Gas Tight Suits/Chemical Splash/Tychem Gas tight etc. Suit made from fire retardant fabric.


Normally used for body and clothing protection in various industrial and laboratory uses.
Available in Bib type iwth strappings in standard sizes : 24"x36", 30"x44", 36"x48" or as per users requirement.
Also available with sleeves and back support. (Back open) easily wearable and comfortable resting on shoulders, standard sizes are 30"x44", 30"x48".

These Aprons are available in :

1. Drill Canvas 11/14 ounce material
2. Hospital Sheeting Rubber
3. Fabric lined PVC (Rexine)
4. Laminated 0.2mm PVC (Superior)
5. Split Chrome Leather
6. Asbestos - Regular/Hindustan    Composite's AMC-41/ AMC-45

Reflective Vest :- Nylon Vest with flourescent blaze reflective tapes both front and back. Provides maximum visibility for safety. Lightweight and durable, retains its colour under toughest weather. Good for construction workers, street workers, public utility, safety patrol, policemen, etc.

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Body Protection Suit,Safety Masks,Hand Gloves,Safety Belt,Shower

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