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Breathing Apparatus,Safety Belt,Safety Shower,Eye wash Fountain

  Respiratory Protection

METTI CLOTH MASK - For soft and comfortable easy wear with adjustable elastic head band - Washable/Disposable. Available in yellow and blue colour.
PVC DUST MASK :- Available with replaceable dust cartirdge and elastic head band. Easy and comfortable to wear in yellow and blue colour.
FUME MASK - Blue PVC body with replaceable organic/inorganic cartridges and elastic head band.
PLEATED - design filter mask made of non woven fabric with adjustable & flexible nose clip and strong elastic band. Available in attractive colours. Inexpensive to dispose even after single use.
GAS/VAPOUR/ODOUR PROTECTION MASK - Consisting of soft virgin grade PVC face piece with elastic fastnerss, exhalation and inhalation valves with leak proof latex rubber. These masks can be used with suitable replaceable cartridges. (1000 ppm)
RESUSCITATOR - An intermittent positive pressure respirator for administering artificial respiration.



Made from maintenance free FRP HOOD, fitted with adjustable head band, wide view acralic visor, superior PVC Jacket with provision for fresh Air Supply.

Available with or without Air Filter and Air-Regulator

USE - In contaminated or Toxic atmosphere for LONGER PERIOD.



Imported  sets meeting international standards and approved and certified by Directorate of Explosives. Available with Demand Valve, Emergency Alarm, in different duration. Also available Emergency Escape Sets

Made out of good quality rubber - Air tight - comfortable fitting - with unique feature of speech diaphram with exhaust valve, quick adjustable and removal harness, full view unbreakable polycarbonate visor, and corrugated long tubing attatched to JUMBO CANISTER for following services with colour code.

Colour Code Scheme of Cannister
Carbon Monoxide
White Acid Gases and Chlorine
Brown For Combination of Acid gas, organic vapours and Ammonia.
Combination of Acid Gases and Organic Vapours
Red  :  Universal for protection against combination of acid gases organic vapours, ammonia, carbon Monoxide and smoke.
Organic Vapours
Also available with - Acid Gas/Ammonia/Organic - Vapours/Universal - 0.5% service screw in type cartiridges.
Full vision face mask, described above, can be connected to fresh air line supply, can be available with Air Regulator.

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Breathing Apparatus,Safety Belt,Safety Shower,Eye wash Fountain

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