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Kevlar Gloves,Canister Gas Mask,Ear Muff,Fire Nozzles,Nomex Fire Suit, Aluminized

  R L L

Non-Percolating Hose

Externally Elastomeric coated all synthetic jacketed, rubberised fabric reinforced rubber lined (R R L), non percolating flexible fire fighting delivery hose, resistant to liquids, chemicals, abrasion & heat

  Pressure Ratings  Sizes Available
  • Burst Pressure 36kg/cm2 (530 PSI)
  • Proof Pressure 22kg/cm2 (320 PSI)
  • Working Pressure 18 Kg/cm2 (260 PSI)


  • IS 636/1988 Type A
  • BS 6391 Type - 1
  • TAC approved
  • Bearing ISI mark
  • Abrasion Resistance 200 Cycle
  • Heat Resistance 12 sec
  • 38mm
  • 50mm
  • 70mm
  • 63mm

Lengths Available

  • 15mtrs
  • 18.3mtrs
  • 22.5mtrs
  • 30mtrs
    or any other lengths preferably below 30mtrs.

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Kevlar Gloves,Canister Gas Mask,Ear Muff,Fire Nozzles,Nomex Fire Suit,Hand Gloves,Safety Gloves,Rubber Gloves,Aluminized Gloves

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