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Ear Protection Equipments,Ear muf,Fire Fighting Equipments Equipment

  Ear Protection
Ear muff with
Steel Head Band

Our Ear muff is designed with many high quality features:-

  • Scientifically designed for maximum attenuation (@45db breaker) and comfort for Extended use.
  • Exceptionally light weight and attractive - made with easily adjustable cushion padded head band, rotating 360° with long life chrome plated springs, shaped muffs with cushion or liquid filled liners. And the big plus is, it is DURABLE. (Performance tested as per IS 6229-1988)
  • These muffs are available in ABS Plastic Head Band also. (to reduce cost)
Ear muff with
Plastic Head Band.
1. High performance hearing protection for - any noise problem.
2. Scientifically designed for maximum comfort,easily adjustable.
3. Exceptionally Light,efficient,attractive, durable and economic.
Sponge Plugs

Ear plugs made of soft PVC to reduce noise level provided with Nylon thread and finnel cleaner.


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Ear Protection Equipments,Ear muf,Fire Fighting Equipments Equipment

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