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Fire extinguishers, Safety Gloves, Belt,Full body Harness,Ear Muff,Branch Pipe,Hydrant Valves,Hose Reel,Hose Box,

  Fire Extinguishers & Refilling

  "ABC" Stored Pressure Type Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishers



  Co2 Fire Extinguishers






Mechanical Foam (Afff) Fire Extinguishers


Water Co2 Type Fire Extinguishers



Automatic Modular type Fire Extinguisher


Useful for class A, B & C fires involving wood, cotton, flammable liquids, grease, electrical wiring, live machineries etc. The blanketing effect of ABC powder decomposes fire quickly.

Available in 5, 10, 15 Kgs

Clean Agent type Fire Extinguishers



Fire Extinguishers for Car            (Aerosol type Fire Extinguishers)


Useful for class A, B & C Or Only A & B fires.

Available in 400 gm & 400 ml

Specially for Car



Gas Cartridges

Manufactured from seamless tube, available in 20 gms to 300 gms with ISI mark. Also available in 500 gms Conforming to BIS. Duly filled with CO2 Gas. Used in all types of fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers,Canister Gas Mask,Rubber Gloves,Kevlar Gloves,Safety Belt,Full body Harness,Branch Pipe

Full body Harness,Safety Shower,Safety Gloves,Safety Equipments,Safety Goggles,Full body Harness

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